NHL Betting: Puck Line, Money Line… the Types of Bets You Need To Know

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Hockey, specifically NHL offers new and experienced punters a great range of markets and hockey bettings for all types of wagering, be it money line, parlays or specials. Although hockey has not reached the levels of popularity in Europe that soccer and horse racing have done, the biggest European bookies still offer a huge amount of betting options. We’ve compiled a great guide for those who wanted to bring hockey into their weekly betting routine, or existing punters who want to expand their knowledge on the types of NHL bets.

Types of NHL Bets

Like every sport, hockey has its own distinct type of bets which you need to know:

Money Line

This is quite simply the wager you put on whoever you believe will win the game outright. It’s by far the most common type of betting on hockey, and even the most limited betting website will offer market.


For this time of hockey betting, before each game bookies will roll out the odds on whether the final tally of goals will be over or under a certain figure. This will be primarily based on team form, injuries to key attackers and how well each side has performed this season.

The Puck Line

This wager means that the bookies favourite for a particular game needs to defeat their rival by more than the point spread in order for the bet to pay out. Of all the different types of NHL bets, this one is definitely a fan favourite.
Unlike other sports, the point spread for puck line betting is always +/- 1.5.  This means for the underdog to win the bet they must not lose by 2 or more goals and for the favourite to win they must win by at least 2 goals.

Regulation Time

A great alternative to money and puck line wagers, here the punter bets on the favourite at -0.5 or the underdog at +0.5. This way if the favourite and the underdog wins the punter gets a better price than they would on the money line, making it one of the more lucrative types of NHL bets.

This type of bet is great for those joining the action late who want a quick win.


Here is an example of a Parlay wager with 4 money line wagers.


The hockey equivalent to the accumulator, it works in roughly the same manner. You can add additional money line bets to boost your odds, providing they win of course. Money line parlays can have over/under wagers included as well, but puck line bets cannot be included.

This is one of the best types of NHL bets if you want to generate some really high odds and maximise your hockey betting winnings


When it comes to betting on hockey sometimes you want to be precise about your wagers, and this is where “prop” bets come in. This allows players to place a bet a key elements of the game, such as team stats or individual player performances such as goals. This type of wager is ideal for players who really know their stuff.

Grand Salami

No, it’s not a large slab of Italian cured meat, it’s one of the more unique types of NHL bet that is offered in many sportsbooks. The days over/under totals are added up and punters can bet on whether the total amount of goals that day will be over or under.

First Period

No surprises with this one, this means bets are limited to the first 20 minutes of play. You may also find 2nd and 3rd period betting on hockey odds, with correspond with the different sections of the game.

Other Types of Wager


Winning Margin

This bet allows you to predict what the winning margin will be between the two teams, an ideal way of betting on hockey if you think the underdog are in for a battering!

3 Way

This wager differs from the money line types of NHL bets because it allows for the option of a tie.

There are more types of hockey betting available to punters, which rely on which operator they choose to play on, so it’s always worth familiarising yourself with whichever bookmakers are available to see if they have special markets to make the most of.

NHL Alternatives


Hockey fans are not limited to NHL betting, with many of the major bookies offering a wide range of markets on other hockey leagues and different ways of betting on hockey.

Bet365 allow players to wager on the Kontinental Hockey League, which includes teams from Belarus, Croatia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, and Slovakia, making it an ideal place for Eastern European punters to wager.

There are also markets on the other top hockey leagues, including the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), Slovak Extraliga, Finnish SM-liiga and of course the Czech Extraliga. All these leagues are also offered by Ladbrokes.

William Hill boast these markets as well as Italian, Norwegian and Swiss leagues, on top of the aforementioned ones, making them a great place for hockey fanatics to play.

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