How to Make a Killer Fantasy Soccer Team

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Picking a fantasy football team is fun, no matter if you’re enthusiastic like Jürgen Klopp, as calm as Arsene Wenger, or a tactical genius like Guardiola. There are so many aspects that make soccer exciting, the transfer window, booing fans and mid season sacking! But nothing beats winning, but it doesn’t come without hard work.

Picking with your head instead of your heart can be difficult, but once you’re ready to set your feelings aside and become a cold blooded recruiter, read on.

#1. Seasonal Players

How to Make a Killer Fantasy Soccer Team 1
First and foremost you have to do your homework. Selecting the rights players for your fantasy leagues involves a lot of research. You have to look at the players statistics, their injury history, consider the position they play in their team, if the player is going to play this season. Lastly, you also have to balance your players market value.

To do this websites like can help you out by giving you a details on almost any player in Europe. There are also football fantasy forums and tipster websites where you can get fellow fantasy football players’ opinion and find relevant news and statistics.

It’s also important to read the manual. Rules for scoring systems and procedures to enroll might differ depending on which fantasy football league you’re in. Knowing how your fantasy league attributes points to players during the game is essential to pick players that will fit their method.

#2. Create a Good Lineup


How to Make a Killer Fantasy Soccer Team 2
Knowing and understanding your players and being aware of the rules of the game will definitely set you ahead of your opponents, but it’s not going to take you all the way. It is essential to avoid rookie mistakes when choosing your lineup.

The first one is to pick too many players from the same team. If you do, you are almost certain to score very low, because not all your offensive players are scoring a hat trick that day. Therefore it’s best to spread your choices across several teams.

Another common error is to spend your entire budget on two or three players, leaving the rest of your squad very weak. This will make you dependent on the few good players and will greatly limit your chances of reaching the top.

#3. Types of Players

How to Make a Killer Fantasy Soccer Team 3

There are a few tips and tricks to get your team across the finish line before anybody else. Players from newly promoted teams can be a real bargain especially if the team over-performs during the season. So spend some time studying the newcomers and check out their previous season stats.

Defensive players will surely help you, but make sure that you add a couple of assisting players to help out. This will allow you to attack the opposing party with full force. Full-backs with good crossing and long shot abilities are a smart choice when creating the ultimate team.

Offensive players are players that get free kicks and penalties. These are players that are really going to take you all the way.

#4. The Danger of Chance & Experience

How to Make a Killer Fantasy Soccer Team

If you manage to pick a team which covers all of the aforementioned aspects, you’re set for a great season in your football fantasy league. But there are two factors that can crush your chances of going all the way: experience and chance.

There’s not much you can do about luck, unless you believe in black magic, but you will gain experience over time, and that’s nothing to sweat about.

You’ll be able to see a great difference when you’ve gone through a few seasons. You should know also pay attention to the habits of other players. These tips and tricks are sure to take you from zero to hero, so get working!

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