Fantasy Sports Betting: Tips to Get to the Top

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If you’re feeling all out of sorts, and can’t seem to ace your fantasy sports betting, your prayers have been answered. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where you’ve gone wrong, but sit tight. Reach the top of the leaderboard with these tips!

As with any other sport league, fantasy sport leagues have their own betting platforms, gamers and tipsters. The criteria of choice and the type of statistics and information you follow isn’t the same. Nevertheless one aspect that remains the same, is the need and output of tips.

There are plenty of forums that share experience, and advice dedicated to fantasy sport betting. A great deal of forums cover many sports and fantasy leagues.

North American Fantasy Leagues


moxyball 1 is a great forum for fantasy leagues based on US sports, especially if you’re a beginner. The site offers daily picks for all DraftKings and FanDuel leagues such as NHL, MBA, NFL, and MLB. It also covers PGA Gold, Yahoo MLB, and daily fantasy soccer.

For football and basketball Moxyball goes deeper into player analysis and rankings. For football, the website provides an excellent draft kit that leaves no stone unturned, covering strategies, sleepers, underrated, overrated and rookies players. This makes Moxyball a must-have for any fantasy league player with a special interest in US sports.

Fantasy Wired

fantasy wired 1 also offers useful information for all major US sports fantasy leagues, including daily advice on NCAAF league plays.

This website has good content for daily news and strategy, but does not have the same depth when it comes to rankings and statistics.

Fantasy Sports Daily

fantasy sports 1

If you’re into other major sports in the US, is a good website to follow. Its “other sports” section will keep you up to date with soccer, MMA, golf, and Nascar. In the menu you’ll also be able to find a beginners guide that’s worth reading if you are indeed a beginner.

It includes a complete explanation of all major fantasy sports, a DraftKings vs FanDuel comparison, as well as advise on strategy and betting tips.

Dobber Hockey

dobber hockey 2

Hockey fans will be happy to know that there’s a fantasy sport betting website dedicated to, you guessed it, hockey. It’s called and it covers news, rankings, tools, two forums on hockey and hockey prospects. It’s a decent website if what you’re looking for is hockey.


rotogrinders 1

If your jam is player and betting stats, the Research tools tab is an absolute must-go. The platform follows eight of the most prominent fantasy sport platforms. This website covers all you need to know when betting on fantasy sport.

It includes player projections, starting line-ups, line-ups alerts, players teams stats and many others tools all to encourage you to make a fully informed decision.

The Huddle

the huddle 1

A well designed and well informed website, is a great place to stop if you’re looking to share your experience and learn more about fantasy sport betting from other players. The forums are very active, well-maintained and their members post a good amount of useful information covering everything in-between facts to fun comments.

Unfortunately focuses almost entirely on NFL and College Football, so if you’re betting on other fantasy football leagues this site might not be for you.


stack n fade

If you are looking for forums covering a wider scope of sports, is the perfect place for you. It has forums on football, basketball, baseball, hockey soccer and esport.

European Fantasy Leagues

If you’re open to European soccer fantasy leagues, there are quite a few excellent options. If you’re not familiar with European soccer, is just what you need. It presents useful articles to get you started, and an overview of fantasy sport platforms in the UK and Continental Europe. It also includes advice on what you need to consider when choosing yours.

UK operators

fantasy football scout

The British website contains useful tips, player analysis and interviews. The layout features are similar to an online magazine, it’s greatly pleasing to the eye.
Another British website, is not as easy to navigate, but offers many well written articles and news on soccer fantasy leagues. is also a website to follow if you are into the the glorious sport that soccer is, with focus on tips for all major European leagues and international tournaments such as the Euro 2016.



Lastly, if you’re amongst the rapidly growing base of fantasy league players betting on eSports, is a website you should check out. It’s one of the few website dedicated to the new branch of the fantasy gaming. The site offers tips and strategies for playing on Leagues of Legends, as well as daily fantasy esport contests.

You can also bet on esport on websites such as DraftKings and Vulcun. Take a look at if you have spare time, it’s mostly based on the League of Legends championship series.

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