Fantasy Basketball Tips You Need to Score

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If you’re planning on taking part in a fantasy basketball league this year, you’re in luck! Just like any other hobby, practice and knowledge are key factors to success. Preparation will make or break you, so keep up to date and you just might crack the code for a winning team. 

Choose the Right Website


There are many fantasy sports websites out there, each with their own rules, promos and prizes. DraftKings, FanDuel and Fantasy Feud are the most popular for fantasy basketball so we recommend at least checking out these three to decide which suits you best.

DraftKings has already paid out over US $1.5 billion in prizes, boasting a huge player base. Sign-up is free and we can vouch for the simplicity of the user experience. In addition to the NBA, you can also enter fantasy contests related to other major leagues like the MLB, CFL and NFL, as well as other sports around the world. There are no negatives for missed shots and you can gain milestone bonuses for double-doubles and triple-doubles.

FanDuel is probably the main competitor to DraftKings and also pays out several hundred million dollars each year. Less sports leagues are covered compared to DraftKings (NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB) but there are many different types of contest, including free games and rookie contests from just $2. The scoring system is simple and users are eligible for a money back guarantee of up to $100 if they aren’t satisfied right away. Their mobile app is brilliant too, so do check it out.

Fantasy Feud is the third most popular tool for fantasy basketball. They have contests across 8 sports leagues and custom game lobbies. In addition, players can benefit from incentives like the Refer-A-Friend program and receive bonus money to play with.

Keep Track of Betting Markets

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Another way to up your game is to monitor bookmakers such as Bet365 or Ladbrokes, who offer a wide range of player betting markets in addition to regular game bets. These could be on the number of points/rebounds/assists a player records, either in one game or over the season as a whole. The odds that you see can be a good guide of who to pick in your fantasy team.

It’s not a bulletproof method but it gives you an idea of what to expect from a game, or the season as a whole. Basing your fantasy basketball team on a bookie’s point of view alone may not be enough to win, but listening to professionals is always a good idea.

Stay Updated on Breaking News

Fantasy Basketball Tips You Need to Score 2

Many fantasy players don’t stay up to date with their players or opposing teams. Knowledge is power, and if you keep up with the latest news you can foresee outcomes and dodge potential pitfalls.

Monitor news outlets that cover sports, as well as internet forums and social networks like Twitter, which is often a great way of learning about breaking developments before your rivals. Just remember to be mindful of your information sources as everybody thinks they are an expert nowadays, often giving opinions disguised as facts.

Having a knowledge of the history of basketball will also help as there are some things that seem to repeat every year, like the San Antonio Spurs making the playoffs, for instance.


Find the Right Balance in your Team

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Don’t make the rookie error of trying to fill your team with star players – of course there is a salary cap in play so having the right balance is the formula you need for a winning fantasy basketball team.

Rather than specialists with great stats in one or two categories, you want players who are productive across the board to help you score big. Don’t forget that you will be required to fill your roster according to player positions and other restrictions will apply, like the number of players that can be chosen from one team.

As you will be following basketball news regularly, look to recruit a competent back-up when you hear about an injury. This kind of player will often be available for a lower salary, so you’ll be getting good value for those precious on-court minutes.

A balanced team will really help you to put a strong challenge in your fantasy basketball contests, making you the envy of your friends!

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