FanDuel Promo Code: Unlock your $100 moneyback guarantee

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New players at FanDuel are often looking for a promo code to obtain the $100 money back guarantee offer available at this fantasy sports website. Read through our guide for full details of this promotion and steps on how to claim it. The button below gives access to any FanDuel promo codes for the sign-up offer. 

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Step by step guide

It’s nice and easy to get started on FanDuel – one of the biggest and most diverse daily fantasy sports sites on the web.

  1. Follow the button above to go to show promo codes and go to FanDuel.
  2. Press the ‘Join Now’ button on the FanDuel homepage.
  3. Enter your details on the sign-up form.
  4. Once finished, clicking on ‘Play Now’ will create your account.
  5. The moneyback guarantee applies automatically.

FanDuel bonus details

FanDuel used to do a matched deposit bonus of up to $200 matched deposit bonus, similar to that offered by DraftKings, which was quite complex and tricky to redeem in full. But now they’ve got a far more supreme offer. As it says on the front page of the FanDuel website, you can get up to $100 of your money back after your first contest if you don’t enjoy it.

So, if you’re a bit on the fence about the whole thing, you might as well go for a big $100 game, and then if you don’t enjoy yourself, you get your money back anyway.

Our Rating

have your choice of contest options screenshot

This FanDuel promotion is unlike any other that you’ll see amongst the big DFS sites, so here’s the low-down on what is good and not so good.


  • The offer is legitimately no risk, and the site must be pretty confident that you will like it otherwise the offer wouldn’t be made, so why not give it a go!
  • The bonus offer – or rather $100 refund offer – can be used by new or experienced users just looking to see what FanDuel is all about.
  • Cancellation is straight forward and the refund is also pretty quick (seven days), so if you don’t enjoy it you won’t be out of pocket for too long.


  • Other sites offer a bonus to new customers that they can use on the site. With this offer you either enjoy the site and don’t get a bonus or you get a refund.
  • If you stake the full $100, lose it all, but still want to play on FanDuel, you will not get your money back. You’ll have a new site to play on, but will be down $100 without a bonus.
  • It’s not a bonus, it’s a safety net.

Terms and Conditions

Many, if not all, welcome bonus offers come with an often unrealistic set of terms and conditions that need to be met for the bonus to even have a real effect on your purse, but not with this FanDuel offer. It’s far more simplistic in it’s operation.

  • The offer is only applicable to new users with new accounts.
  • The offer to claim your money back is only up to the value of $100, whilst also only covering your first fee. If you pay into a game after your first then the offer is no longer applicable to you.
  • The offer does not allow for you to earn money from the site. So, if you stake $10 and win just $5 and then claim the money back bonus, you only get your $10 stake back, not the extra $5 won in the contest.
  • To use the moneyback guarantee, just email FanDuel and they will process the refund within seven business days
  • Your account will be closed after claiming the money back bonus offer however, you can reopen a FanDuel account provided that you repay the amount claimed back in the money back bonus.
  • General terms and conditions apply to FanDuel as they do to any gambling site. Firstly, you must be of legal age to gamble – usually 18 years old but this number can fluctuate between providences. You must also use your own name, address and bank information as using someone else’s, or a fake set, is illegal.

FanDuel’s other promotions

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FanDuel offer a wide range of ongoing competitions throughout their various sports with loads of different jackpots available. In terms of their sign up bonuses around the site, there isn’t any. However, they do have many rewards systems for their users to gain from.

FanDuel Points

FanDuel Points is a user rewards system where the player get ten FanDuel Points for every $1 spent entering contests. Those points can then be used to enter further contests in the future.

FanDuel points can only be earned through playing contests that require money to pay the entry fee. Any games which are free to play do not earn FanDuel Points. Every 2,400 FanDuel Points will contribute $1 towards an entry fee.

Refer A Friend

Referring a friend to FanDuel will earn you a share of their entry fees from the paid contests that they enter. FanDuel say that “as a general rule, the more they play, the more you earn.”

There are different ways to refer a friend, either via a referral link, setting up a league, sending a challenge or by sharing on social media. You can find the full rules are at the Referral Center.

The main thing to remember is that you only earn when they pay to play in real money games, so you do not stand to gain from any free games they participate in.

Payment options

You can deposit funds into you FanDuel account either by credit card or PayPal. The site accepts most major credit cards – such as Visa, Mastercard and Discover – but if you wish to use American Express you’ll need to do so via PayPal.

Whilst you will not be charged a fee for depositing money into your account, you may incur a 3% international transfers fee, but you can contact them via email about the charge and they will reimburse you – however these fees shouldn’t apply to Canadian residents. Deposit limits may be enforced by FanDuel depending on your state or province.

Betting Markets

FanDuel allows you to play your daily fantasy sports through huge number of different leagues and sports including: NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, College Football, College Basketball, Golf, a wide range of Soccer leagues, Nascar and MMA. For each sport or category, you have many different game types and jackpots to be won, with a range of entry fees, so there’s plenty to get into. Regarding the Money Back Guarantee, you’d be best off playing it in a sport that you already know well and in a game room that has an entry fee to max out your deposit – if you’re planning on that play being make or break. As that way you stand a greater chance of winning instead of having to withdraw from the site altogether.

FanDuel on the go

fanduel mobile version ad

FanDuel do have two apps, one for Apple and another for Android, which vary in their usage.

FanDuel Live for Android users

This app shows your line-up’s scores live, the current leader boards, as well as upcoming contests and recent contest standings. It is not an app for playing, more for checking in on your scores.

FanDuel for Apple users

The Apple app is far more diverse than its Android cousin, and is far more of an equivalent to the real FanDuel website. The app allows you to: enter contests, edit your line-up, find contests, enter multiple line-ups, follow live scoring, check out your contest history and manage your account – deposit, withdraw, view transactions.

Customer care

There are three main methods of support provided by FanDuel for their customers. The first of which is their support page where you’ll find help with log in, verification, promotions, contests, deposits etc. along with a general questions/FAQ section which may also help.

If that fails then you have two options. You can either submit a support ticket, where you can ask for support and receive an email reply, or you can use live chat where, if you press the link, you will get to talk to “a real-life FanDueler” to help sort out your problem. However, the site does say that if all the representatives are busy or your enquiry is outside of their operating hours then Live Chat won’t be available. The Live Chat is available from 8am-8pm EDT Monday – Friday, but cannot be used on the weekend.

Frequently asked questions

popular questions fanduel

Is there a FanDuel Code currently available?

No promo code is currently necessary but check back later in case that changes.

I can’t seem to obtain the bonus, what shall I do?

Firstly, you should consult the FanDuel help page, and specifically their Promotions help page. On here you should find the help that you need. If not you should consult the aforementioned Live Chat support or, if you want to submit your question outside of their office hours, you should consider submitting a support ticket via the link given before.

How can I cancel a bet on site?

Cancelling an entry on FanDuel is possible, but it must be done before there is just 15 minutes until the contest starts. It can be done by clicking Cancel Entry which is a link at the bottom of your entry on the roster confirmation page. FanDuel further state that: “FanDuel will not accommodate cancellation requests for entries in filled contests within 15 minutes of game start” and that they have no obligation to go through with a cancelation request that either they haven’t received due to any kind of technical issue.

Can I access the site in languages other than English?

There isn’t a way to change the language of the website.

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