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New Canadian players at DraftKings are eligible for a 100% match on their first deposit, up to a maximum amount of $600. Read on to find out more about this offer, which you can obtain by clicking on the button below. 

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Step by step guide

DraftKings is one of the most popular sites in the world for daily fantasy sports, and it’s incredibly easy to sign up to.

  1. Use the button above to access the DraftKings website.
  2. Click on ‘Enter Promo code’ to access the sign-up form.
  3. Fill in the form with your information and click ‘Sign up’ to create your account.
  4. Deposit funds into your DraftKings account to get started playing.
  5. Accumulate Frequent Player Points to release your bonus amount.

DraftKings Promo Code

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DraftKings offer various promotions for free tickets to fantasy contests on the web and sometimes on their own website. You can also claim a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $600.

Then there’s the 100% deposit bonus. With this, the amount that you first deposit will be matched in money for example; if you make a first deposit of $25, then you will be eligible for $25 in free money. The maximum for this offer is $600. However, there is a catch. The bonus is released in $1 chunks, every time you earn 100 Frequent Player Points (FPP) – which are accrued by taking part in paid contests.

All bonuses have an expiry date of four months from the initial deposit.

Our rating

The fact that you get two sign up bonuses is pretty good, but the offer may not be as great as it initially appears. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the DraftKings sign up and first deposit offers.


  • A $3 free ticket is a great way to integrate yourself into a new game, and potentially win some cash right away, for free!
  • Not only do you earn FPPs even if you lose games, but you also earn your bonus in increments (whilst earning FPPs) so it’s easier to get bonuses.
  • The FPP cost to earn the bonus is cheaper than the regular exchange rate of FPPs, so you get cheaper bonuses.


  • The bonus is not immediate and you may never release the full bonus amount that lured in your first deposit.
  • Unless you have a very high win rate, you’re unlikely to ever win your full bonus.
  • Playing free games for practice won’t earn you FPPs, so every attempt to earn will be a risk.

Terms and Conditions

  • You will be rewarded $1 of bonus for every 100 FPPs earned on the site.
  • You gain one FPP for every $1 spent on contest entry fees, leading to you having to spend $100 to release $1 of bonus.
  • You are given four months to earn as much of this bonus as you can, but will be rewarded a $1 bonus every time you reach the milestone.
  • Standard gambling terms and conditions apply: you must be of legal age to participate – this is usually 18 years old but can vary depending on which province you live in.
  • You also must have signed up with your real name, address and bank card details as anything else could be construed as fraud.
  • Whilst the deposit bonus is 100% of up to $600, the amount that you pay is directly equivalent to how much you earn. You may be on for a $600 bonus, but you’d have to spend $60,000 in entry fees in four months to win that bonus money. You shouldn’t aim to get the bonus not only because it’s only ten percent of your total spend, but also because you should play to enjoy, not to try and earn a bonus. Having said that, you do have a four month window to win a well priced reward as after the bonus time has expired, it costs 550 FPPs to get $1, rather than the 100 FPPs.

DraftKings’ other promotions

draftkings promos

DraftKings offer so many other promotions, and not all of them are simply to gain on-site bonuses. DraftKings doesn’t offer different welcome packages by section, but do have big-money contests on a regular basis for each sport, along with ongoing whole site competitions for jackpot prizes and big bonuses.

DraftKings Bucket List

The DraftKings Bucket List is a great incentive, and is free to play. They host regular competitions of daily fantasy sports to win amazing experiences in the real sporting world, from VIP experiences at Nascar racing events to World Series tickets.

The only terms and conditions are that included in signing up to DraftKings, and that you are a member of the website.

Flash Bonus Blitz

Every day, DraftKings release a new calendar for their Flash Bonus section and by getting into the lobbies in time, and setting your line-up, you can win a bonus prize at a jackpot lobby. For example, on August 14 2016, you could enter the MLB FLASH BONUS Double Up (Early Set) for $50, which opened at 11am EDT, for a chance to win two Main Event Tickets for the MLB $1 million game.

To access this you simply have to be a DraftKings member and pay the required entry fee.

Player Rewards

With DraftKings you are rewarded 1FPP for every $1 spent on entry fees, which means that there is a rewards system for your continued usage, which is good. When it comes to your Bonus you will need 100FPP ($100 in entry fees) to make $1 back, but outside of the Deposit Bonus the rate is 150FPPs ($150 in entry fees) to gain a $0.25 entry ticket.

To get these rewards you need to be registered and simply play in entry fee games, free games do not gain you FPPs.

Payment Options

There are two forms of payment available on DraftKings, the first is via credit card and the second is via PayPal. You can deposit between $5 and $2,000, but can increase this deposit limit by sending them an email which includes a photocopy of your ID card or driver’s license, a photo of both sides of your payment card, and your username. DraftKings accepts all major credit cards.

Betting Markets

DraftKings hosts nine different major sports leagues for which you can pick a fantasy team, the sports are: NHL, NFL, MLB, CFL, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Nascar and MMA. Within each sport there are masses of gaming rooms (throughout the pre-season, regular season and play-offs) that you can pay to play in and set your line-ups for, all of which allow you to try to win prizes of varying amounts. You can also find free-to-play game rooms too.

DraftKings on the go

draftkings app download

Travelling around but need to check your team, see if you’ve won, make a deposit, pay an entry fee, or just want to check out the competitions available? Then the DraftKings app (available on Apple and Android devices) is exactly what you need. The smooth running program allows you to use all of the functions from the website with ease on your mobile device, whilst also –dare I say it – being far easier and simpler to use than the actual website.

DraftKings’ customer care

If you have any problems in your interactions with DraftKings you can consult their Contest Rules Page or their FAQ Page, but if that doesn’t help you can email, message or phone them. Here’s how:

Message DraftKings

On the help/contact us page you need to fill in certain information, like your email address and the nature of your query along with your message, to contact DraftKings, they will then email you back within a few hours.

Email DraftKings

There is a dedicated email address which you can use to contact DraftKings support. It functions in the same way as the messaging page.

By post

The help/contact us page shown above also provides postal addresses, should you wish to communicate with the support team that way.

Support hours

The DraftKings support team are on hand 7 days a week from 6:00am EST – 11:59pm EST to assist you.

Frequently asked questions

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Is there a DraftKings code currently available?

There is not. If you Google it you will simply find numerous websites claiming to give you bonus via their links, but all of these bonuses can be found on the DraftKings site after signing up, and are then activated after following their onsite links and making a deposit.

I can’t seem to obtain the bonus, what should I do?

Consult the FAQ and if that doesn’t help then message DraftKings via the help/contact us page.

How can I cancel a bet on the site?

You can cancel contest entries on DraftKings if it is 15 minutes or more until contest opens.

Can I access the site in languages other than English?

There isn’t an option to change the language used on the website.

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