The Best Canadian Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

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When we think of Canada our mind wanders to beautiful scenery, snow, maple syrup, Mounties and over politeness. What you might not know is it is in fact a hotbed for crazy sports. We’ve combed the country for the most random Canadian sports.


#1. Ice Sailing


So, the name gives away a big hint, but lets delve deeper into our first weird Canadian sports.

As we know, for many months of the year the temperature plummets and lakes turn into one big ice skating rink. For keen sailors this can be rather problematic, but there is a way around it.

Simply take off the bottom off the boat, add some wheels and voila! You have a strange boat-ish contraption that can whiz about over the frozen ice.

#2. Bubble Soccer


We’ve all seen those gifs of the internet where two, quite possibly drunk, people hold yoga balls and run at each other. Combine this with popular European sport soccer and you have the fundamentals of bubble soccer.

While the principles of the beautiful game are exported into this one, instead of the slide tackle you can simply lob yourself into an opposing player, in order to dispossess them.

As weird Canadian sports go, this is certainly up there!


#3. Unicycle Basketball / Hockey


Nothing adds an extra dimension of challenge to a sport like wobbling around on a unicycle. It looks as though the creators of these variants sat down and thought, “how can we make them harder, and more dangerous.”

After all, bike spokes and long sticks have a long history of propelling unsuspecting riders into various unyielding objects, like floors for example.

One does wonder how you dunk a basketball on a unicycle too…

#4. Dodgebow


Easily our personal favorite of all the random Canadian sports, a frankly inspired fusion between the concepts of archery and dodgeball.

Nothing gets the blood flowing like dodging arrows, and this sport is increasing in popularity across the nation.

Now it’s not quite as hair raising as it sounds, first of all the arrows are soft (phew) and competitors wear various bits of safety gear, among which, you’ll be relieved to hear, is a protective visor.


#5. Wok Racing


Yes, you read that right, we really did say wok racing. Canadians have perfectly blended their icy and hilly terrain with the famous item of Asian cooking.

Competitors purchase a large wok, ideally with two handles, carry it to the top of a hill, climb in and speed down. There really isn’t much more to it.

It’s not dissimilar to the days of sledging down hills on school dinner trays, except in an item even less compatible with sliding down things.


#6. Wife Carrying


Rumoured to have its origins in Viking times, wife carry is indeed a sport, it fact it hosts international championships each year!

We kid you not…

Competitors carry their dearly beloved over their shoulders, and complete a racecourse through uneven terrain and water. While it certainly won’t catch on like hockey, it is increasing in popularity across Northern Europe as well.

Random Canadian sports aren’t going to get much stranger than that, so we’ll leave it there. Next time you think of Canada, remember somewhere, there is a wife carry race in progress.

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