Best Tools & Apps to Help You Win at Fantasy Sports

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Fantasy Sports are fun and challenging and a good way to get one over on your friends! After all, who doesn’t want bragging rights after a good round of fixtures? We’ve compiled a great guide to the best apps and tools to give you the edge over the competition.

Best Fantasy Sports Apps

Sports apps are a great way to keep up to date with the unfolding action, and keep up to date with everything you’ll need to ensure your fantasy team is the best it can be.

#1. Fantasy Cheat Sheet

Easily one of the best fantasy sports apps, the cheat sheet is packed with information to give you the advantage over your friends. With up to the minute player news on injuries and stats you can also choose to track players individually, making it easy to follow how your picks are faring.


#2. RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft

RotoWire takes things to another level, aside from being able to track your players it comes with a function that allows you to run mock drafts before the real deal, helping you hone your auction skills and really get to grips with how the drafting process works. Even an experience fantasy sports player would benefit from this.


#3. CBS Sports’ Fantasy Sports Mobile

Another of the best fantasy sports apps, it integrates other sites allowing you to pull in tons of info into one easy to use app. There is the usual array of up-to-the-minute news on players, performance projects and also live video advice from fantasy experts.
Another neat function is that CBS offers you the ability to start your draft through the app, meaning you can do it on the go instead of having to be behind your computer. The app is available for Android and iOS.


#4. Bleacher Report’s Team Stream

Everyone knows the B/R team stream, and while it isn’t a specific fantasy sports app, it is one of the best tools for live sports information. Allowing users to track their favorite teams across dozens of different sports, you won’t have to waste time checking numerous websites, or trawling through social media for news. There isn’t just news either, all of B/R’s features and other content is available, making it a top class resource.

#5. Fantasy Alarm

Easily one of the best fantasy sports apps for those who like to obsess over their selection. Combining the ability to let you change your line up even seconds before kick-off, the alarm also gives real-time alerts on injuries and other key breaking news stories, so you’ll never go into a game week with a bad line up.


Best Fantasy Sports Tools

Nothing will put you ahead of the game like these fantasy sports tools, which give you a wealth of additional information and insight to give you an edge over the rest of your league.

fantasy sports tools

#1. The Huddle

This is one of the best fantasy sports tools giving great insight before and during the draft process, and indeed throughout the entire season. With a wealth of info and analysis The Huddle is best used to help you choose which players should start, and which should be placed as backup.
For players who are really invested in their teams, a $30 upgrade gives full access to all the features, including what they call “insider” injury reports, that will really give you an edge when it comes to next week’s selection.

#2. FantasyPros

FantasyPros pulls in info from the top fantasy sites, like ESPN, NFL, CBS and Yahoo, allowing you to easily compare stats about your potential draft players. Another of the best fantasy sports tools, it also has a section where experts give their verdict on the best picks. Ideal if you are struggling for a final decision.

#3. RotoWire

Although only available for paying customers, RotoWire offers a vast amount of info for players, who can make use of the highly detailed team and player profiles. The profiles are easy to read and extremely detailed, making them perfect for fantasy veterans and newbies alike.


#4. Fantasy Football Today

Aimed at newer players, this tool focuses on the tricky task of picking your defence, which is often the hardest aspect of the drafting process. FFT crunches the numbers and gives out easy stats to guide players.

#5. numberFire

A must have fantasy sports tool for those in an auction draft league. NumberFire gives players full value and price rank. It allows you to easily judge the risk of wagering on each player, at the highest you should bid.

Now that you know which apps to use, check out Betting on Fantasy Sports in Canada:  The Low-Down to become a real pro! 

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