When is the Best Time to Place a Bet?

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Sport odds can change from one moment to the next. But one thing is for sure, the earlier you bet, the more standardized the odds are because you base your bets on statistics. If you bet later you base your odds on circumstances, which can give you an advantage. It’s all about when you bet! 

Bet at the Beginning of a Tournament

If you want to bet on the outright winner of a tournament, the seasons start will grant you the best odds. Why? Because nothing is certain at the beginning and anything can happen.

An example of that is the final preseason odds at the Stanley Cup. According to CBS Sports, the favorites were the Chicago Blackhawks at 13/2. The two teams that made it to the final were the Pittsburgh Penguins (12/1) and the San Jose Sharks (33/1). Both the Pittsburgh Penguins and the San Jose Sharks had fantastic odds, so if you bet on them you were in for quite the ride!

The best time to root for the underdog is at the beginning of the year. This is because there are new tactics and roster changes, and lines are settling. Stronger teams generally prove themselves over time, it’s not always a bulletproof plan to bet on them too early.

Bet at the End of the Tournament

The end of the season is also a great time to bet. Unusual results with good odds can happen during the finals. This is particularly true for teams that have already secured a playoff spot, or teams that have given up trying. Another smart way to bet is by focusing on the players. You might find a player surging to break personal, franchise or league records – such as top point scorer – despite his team’s position, so betting on individuals could open gems of great odds.

Will You Risk it?

As the teams dwindled down, the odds do too. 888 Sport data indicated that the Penguins would win at 13/20, and gave the underdog Sharks 5/4. If you look back at preseason odds, a great deal has happened. Risk is a big part of betting, and knowing when to take a risk is important. Do you bet on the underdogs or the statistical winner?

Picking the right team at the start of the season is tough, there are no guarantees. It depends on how much of a risk-taker you are and how much you’ve read up on the teams and players. You can achieve good odds before the playoffs if you narrow down the field, it’s a risk but sometimes it pays off.

Listen to Your Intuition

If you have a hunch about a certain team or player, it is best to act as soon as possible. Be attentive and analytical when your team wins but also when it looses. If you are, you might be able to spot when the tides have turned, and beat your bookie with great odds.

It’s vital to analyze your competition. If the star player of your team is injured, the opposing team has increased chances. In this case there is a window of opportunity for you to make a bet before the bookies changes the odds.

When is the Best Time to Place a Bet

The Importance of Timing

If you’re good at making timed decisions under pressure, you will find in-play easy. The odds are greater in quantity and quality, but you have to be able to think on your feet as well. This is because odds constantly fluctuate. In order to make good bets, you have to make informed decisions rapidly and analyze both parties, and leave your feelings aside. Even though you might be inclined to bet on your team because it’s your team, remain neutral. If you’re finding it difficult, stick to betting on games when your position is neutral!

Keep up to Date with Current Events

Breaking news is a great tool for making an informed bet. Reading daily sport news and tweets can help you foresee the outcome of a game. Don’t forget to also check out the latest news on your opposing teams prior to a game.

For example, prior to this year’s NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans were set to have the first overall pick, but a week-or-so before the draft, they traded it with the Los Angeles Rams. This changed the entire predicted order for the draft as the Titans were set to go for the most talented player in the draft, a defense-man, but everyone knew that the Rams were desperate for a quarterback.

By reading the news and then betting on the player selected in the first offers NFL draft, you could get Jared Goff (one of the best rated QBs) at 16/1 before the bookies had time to change it. The odds were available for about a half-hour after the news broke before 888 Sport pulled the figures down to almost equal odds. And yes, the sneaky 16/1 Jared Goff bet worked out great.

Now that you know when to place a bet, why not make a sports bet! Not convinced? Check out Pros and Cons of In-Play Sports Betting.

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