The Best Sites for Sports Betting in Canada: NHL Focus

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As a Canadian resident it is perfectly legal for you to go to any online bookmakers and place bets on sports. Even if the sites aren’t based in Canada, or aren’t government owned, you can use them.

However, with the law as it currently stands, a sports bet must include three or more teams. Now let’s go into where the best places to place bets on the NHL are.

Operator Welcome Bonus Mobile App? Rating
Bwin $30 welcome bonus Yes 4.5/5
NetBet Bet at odds 3/5 or greater, you get 50% of your deposit back Yes 4/5
888 Sport Triple the odds of your first bet Yes 5/5

With the NHL – and ice hockey – still being graded as one of the less popular sports, a lot of companies present very limited betting opportunities for the matches. Luckily for us NHL bettors, there are a few pioneers catering to what we want to bet on. So, without further ado, here are the best sites for hockey betting.

None of the best sites for NHL betting in Canada offer live streaming of games to customers however, Bet365 – gauged to be the best site by Bet NHL — does.

How we select our Best Sites for Sports Betting? 

Deciding which sports betting site to pick can be a bit tricky. Somewhere between welcome bonuses, free bets, odds, and deposit promotions, a newcomer can easily feel quite lost at the begining. But do not be Alarmed! Our main focus is to make the task more simple for you, the client, by browsing the online casino world and selection these welcome offers we believe are good enough for you.

So, what do we think? Remember, our team is constantly on the lookout for gresh, and good welcome offers from our partners. We make sure that these offers are displayed clearly in tables throughout our site. For instance, on this particular page, you can ccheck out a selection of what we consider to be the best bookmakers of the moment. However, have in mind that this is a subjective list. We have created based on our opinion and hope will help you consider several offers.  You should make an educated decision on your own. Because, in the end, only you can decide what is best for you!

#3 Bwin


Decent odds, expanded basic markets (no goal scorer markets), in-play betting and an incredible app shoot Bwin to third in these rankings. We always thought that SkyBet was the epitome of betting apps, which is why you had to tolerate their weak odds, but Bwin blows SkyBet out of the water.

On to the hockey betting. Bwin provides a decent spread of hockey markets, without doing any player bets, but makes up for that with some of the better odds on either side of the game. With the NHL’s weakest team of the 2015-16 season still pulling in 29 wins from 82 games, there’s always a decent chance that the perceived underdog will come in on your accumulator. The fact that Bwin offers such good odds for underdogs can be utilised very well by keen NHL bettors.


With the app being so streamlined and easy to use, the in-play betting can be maximised.

Bwin is also the first on this countdown to provide readily available stats and form information – through their Bet Radar – which is always very helpful for hockey betting, given how often they play and how key form is to factor in. The £30 free bet for new customers is also a very nice addition.

The Puck Line Round-up

  • Good odds
  • Expanded markets (no goal scorers)
  • In-play betting
  • Solid app
  • £30 welcome bonus

#2 NetBet


NetBet presents a hockey betting experience which is getting close to that of more popular sports – such as football – as it gives a decent range of bets (including goal scorers) at fair odds. Even on the NHL games, NetBet provides some stats and form to aid with the betting.

Their app isn’t the quickest to get started – which can be frustrating as puck drop gets closer – but once it’s on it’s a pretty solid app that’s easy to use, pretty quick, and nice to look at, which enhances the ability to bet in-play on the ice hockey.


The welcome offer isn’t too shabby either, if you rollover your deposit and bet it at odds of 3/5 or greater, you get 50% of your deposit back, up to £50. 3/5 to get half of your bet back is pretty good – and even better if the initial bet comes in. Their standard market odds are also very fair, and with them offering in-play betting on most NHL fixtures, NetBet puts itself among the best sites for NHL betting.

The biggest upside for the site is the coverage of hockey goal scorer markets. For hockey betting, it’s a great site to use.

The Puck Line Round-up

  • Useful statistics
  • Good range of bets (including goal scorers)
  • 50% of first deposit back

#1 888 Sport


The don of hockey betting has got be 888 Sport. Each game has a full set of everything you could possibly want to bet on in NHL.

888 provides an extensive list of anytime, last and first goal scorers, along with a point scorers market. The site and app have the contests up and ready nice and early in the day, allowing users from all around the world to get betting when it’s convenient for them.

888 Sport give their customers great odds. For the perceived underdogs in match-ups, 888 will be amongst the best odds for the result including overtime, and the regulation result. But it’s with the favourite where the site stands out even further – where their odds are often marginally greater than the other big name bookmakers.

The one hindrance to this elite hockey betting site is the app. It’s a bit slow and stuttered on some devices, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use with an easy to access betting slip. However, this may become a problem with in-play betting.


888 Sport also blitzed the ratings, topping even the big names. On top of this is their refreshing welcome bonus. It’s not a free bet; instead 888 triple the odds of your first bet, meaning that – if you really wanted – you could get in, enhance your bet, win, and then bail. They also have another promotion, which will especially help us NHL gamblers. If your American Sports accumulator (of five teams of more) loses by one, you get your bet refunded – which is such a relief when Toronto unexpectedly decide to pull in their only win of the month!

To put it simply, 888 Sport offers so many great promotions along with their expansive hockey markets – which are manned by competitive odds – that makes them the best site for hockey betting.

The Puck Line Round-up

  • Winning welcome bonus – triples odds
  • Better odds than the rest
  • Slightly weaker app, stick to desktop
  • Great range of betting markets

It’s probably clear by now which one OddsNinja prefers, as really there is only one option. 888 Sport is just light-years ahead of its competitors when it comes to NHL betting.

There are other sites that are highly regarded in Canada — Betway and William Hill — but this is mostly down to their welcome offers.

For true NHL betting, where there is an incredible amount of variety with great odds, then 888 Sport is the best site to turn to.

Playing abroad? Don’t let the odds confuse you — check out the NHL schedule and stats for the 2016/2017 season!

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