7 Little Known Facts About Hockey

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a die-hard NHL fan, or just hold a passing interest; it’s always fun to find out weird and unusual facts about the game. So we’ve gone ahead and compiled our list of fun facts about hockey.


The Original Puck


If you go back far enough most of our favourite sports had some more, unsavory elements, and hockey is no different.

The vulcanized rubber puck we know today was, unsurprisingly, not always made of rubber, instead it was made of pieces of frozen cow dung!

Ok, that’s not so much fun facts about hockey as slightly gross facts about hockey.

Lifetime Ban


Only one player has received a lifetime ban in the history of the NHL, Billy Coutu. Coutu was known for some exceptionally aggressive incidents.

Aside from slicing off the ear of a rival player, he was finally banned for assault a referee, much to the relief of everyone else no doubt.

Kiss Kiss Ban Ban


As random facts about the NHL go, this one is possibly the strangest. In 1979, Randy Pierce of the Colorado Rockies celebrated his goal by picking up the puck on the way back to his half, and kissed it.

Not particularly unusual, except he was penalised for time wasting and given a 2 minute suspension.

Seems there really is no place for love on the rink.

Lego Man


Patrick Kaleta doesn’t have the best reputation it’s safe to say. His “aggressive” conduct has not won him many fans in and out of the game, but the hockey menace has a surprising side.

During a lengthily recuperation from injury he devoted his life to Lego, pouring many hours into piecing the children’s blocks together. His hobby got so extensive that he even has his own ‘Lego room’ now.

Multi Puck


Hockey outsiders are probably unaware that the pucks used in NHL games are actually frozen, as it helps them move across the surface of the arena.

This does however raise some problems, as the constant friction on the ice thaws them out, so an average of a dozen pucks are used per game.

Bonus fact: the last time only one puck was used in a game was all the way back in 1979, and it’s on display in the Hockey Hall of Fame, in Toronto Canada. How about that for a random fact about the NHL!

Fastest Ever Shot


Alexander Ryazantsev hit the fastest recorded shot in hockey, clocking in at 114 mph, while Zdeno Chara holds the record for the fastest slapshot, which was recorded at 106 mph in an NHL game.

The Stanley Cup


Since 1914 there have only been two occasions which the Stanley Cup has not been awarded, and perhaps surprisingly, neither are during war years.

The first was in 1919 when the Montreal Canadiens players were struct down during the Spanish flu pandemic, and the second was in 2005 when the season was cancelled because of a labour dispute!

Ice-hockey trivia is all fun and games, but let’s get to playing the actual game – or at least the fantasy version of it! Check out when the best time is to place a bet is! 

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